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Benefits of Shared Accommodation in UK

Shared accommodation is a great way to live in the UK. There are many benefits of shared accommodation, especially when you are moving here with other people. So, if you are planning on living in a house and sharing with others, then there are some great reasons why this is one of the best choices available to you.

Shared accommodation can be a very good option for many students travelling to the UK. There are benefits to this type of accommodation, including savings on accommodation costs and long term benefits in terms of health and well-being.

15 Benefits of Shared Accommodation in UK

The benefits of shared accommodation are many, and it’s not just for students. It’s also a great option for young professionals who want to save money on rent or mortgage costs.

Shared accommodation is also a great way to make friends, meet new people and learn more about what you enjoy doing.

If you’re looking for somewhere to live while studying in the UK, consider sharing accommodation with other students or professionals.

1. Affordable

Shared accommodation is usually much cheaper than a private one. This is because you share the cost with others in your area. For example, if you live in a big city and want to live in an expensive apartment, you can still find shared accommodation with the same or even better quality than the expensive one.

2. Best for Money Savers

Many people prefer shared accommodation because it allows them to save on rent. You can choose to live in shared accommodation without having to pay for expensive private rooms or flats. This means that you can save a lot of money each month if you’re paying for someone else’s rent instead!

3. Safety

Improved personal safety with the presence of others in the house. This can give reassurance and peace of mind to housemates.

4. Shared kitchen

In shared accommodation, it is possible to cook for yourself and the other person who lives with you. This is the best way to save money on food because all meals can be prepared by you, instead of having to buy all food items separately from the supermarket.

5. New friends

You will meet new people who share similar interests with you and this can lead to friendships which last long after moving out of shared accommodation due to distance between them and their current home. These friends may also introduce you to new opportunities such as internships, volunteer positions, work opportunities etc.

6. Spacious

If you’re looking for a place in a big city, look for a shared apartment instead of a hotel room or an Airbnb. These types of accommodations offer more space and privacy than hotels do, they’re also cheaper than hotels if you’re looking for something comparable.

Most shared accommodation houses or flats come with kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. This means you won’t be sleeping on top of each other, which reduces the stress of living in cramped conditions like hostels do sometimes offer.

7. Good Support

Shared accommodation houses provide great support for those who are traveling alone or with their families. These houses offer online forums where travelers can find answers to any queries they might have about traveling alone or with their families around the world too!

8. Better than Hostels

Shared Accommodation is better than Hostels because:

  • You can save a lot of money if you book your accommodation online.
  • You won’t have to pay for breakfast at the hotel, but will get breakfast for free by sharing a kitchen and dining room with other guests.
  • There are no additional charges for internet access, electricity or water, which saves money too!

9. Have More Options

Shared accommodation gives you the freedom to choose from a variety of room types, including single rooms. You can also pick one that’s just for you.

10. It’s Cheaper

Shared accommodation is often cheaper than renting rooms independently in the UK, and it allows you to meet people from all over the world who are looking for an affordable place to stay while visiting London or Manchester (or wherever else).

11. Reduces the impact of loneliness and isolation

When you live with others, you feel less lonely and isolated as there’s always someone else around who can chat with if needed!

12. Allows people to live in more desirable locations

Shared Accommodation allows people to live in more desirable locations which might not be possible if you were renting an entire house or apartment on your own.

13. Improves mental well-being by creating a home life

Shared Accommodation creates a home life with other people, which improves mental well-being by creating a home life with other people. It also helps build relationships and friendships which are essential for long-term success in life.

Sharing an apartment or house can improve general health as it provides a social outlet for those who may be lonely due to long hours spent working or studying on their own at home without any company except that of their family members or friends (if any).

 14. Promotes social inclusion

The shared accommodation is also beneficial in that it promotes social inclusion. The tenants get to know each other, share their thoughts and ideas, and form a bond. This helps the tenants form new friendships and strengthen existing ones.

The shared accommodation provides opportunities for both parties to contribute. The landlord can offer some financial aid if the tenant needs it, or even help with chores around the house or housework in general. The tenant can also offer any help they may have in return, such as offering suggestions on improvements or renovations that could be made.

 15. Better access to local amenities

Shared accommodation has many benefits like they have Better access to local amenities such as shops and public transport as well as social activities. Most people prefer this option because they do not want to spend a lot of money on a hotel which is located far away from the city Centre.

How Cromwell Court is serving students and other travelers in UK

Cromwell Court is a shared accommodation company that provides students and other travelers with quality, value-for-money accommodation in the UK.

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Our rooms are fully furnished with modern furnishings and amenities for your convenience. We offer complimentary Wi-Fi access throughout our building, onsite laundry facilities, 24 hour reception and concierge greeting service. All our apartments come with air conditioning, heating, Wi-Fi access and satellite TV.

Our goal is to make sure that you have an amazing experience when you travel, whether it’s for work or pleasure.


So, if you need affordable housing and prefer to live in a room share rather than on your own then this information is definitely worth checking out. Whether your idea of sharing accommodation is that it costs less than renting an entire property, or that you can meet and make friends with new people then there are a number of options available to you that you may want to consider moving in with a roommate can save money, give support and room share websites allow a great deal of choice.