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Is it easy to find a one-bedroom apartment for rent in the UK?

Finding a one-bedroom apartment in the UK is not a simple task. There are so many issues associated with renting in this country. It has become such a huge issue that there is an entire debate going on about this problem. Just like any other metropolitan, London is the most expensive district in the UK. For people who are sharing with a flatmate it may be a different matter. However, finding a one-bedroom apartment for rent is an entirely different thing. But for the most part, it depends on which part of the country you live in. London is the most expensive place to live as compared to other places. The other places to follow are Manchester, Edinburgh, and Birmingham. While the cheapest one-bedroom apartments are available in Leeds, Liverpool, Stoke on Trent and Newcastle.  

Varying Costs  

In the UK the prices vary so much depending on the city you reside in. Therefore, when you are spending your money on renting it mainly comes down to the rates. The rates are determined by the landlords, and they have been given the right to do so. Mostly young people rent one-bedroom apartments. The data shows that they cannot afford to do it in nearly 75% of the districts. The cheapest one bedroom apartments to rent in London will cost around £800, £400 in Leeds, £500 in Manchester and Birmingham, and Cardiff. £450 in Glasgow, Liverpool, Newcastle, £ 300 in Stoke on Trent, 365 in Derby, 395 in Hanley and £650 in Edinburgh.  

One-bedroom Apartments are Expensive  

Sharing reduces costs and if you want to have a room all for yourself you will have to pay more. In the UK the trend seems to be like that. If you have two flatmates, then you can get a saving of £ 250 but if you want to rent a one bedroom apartment in the capital city then you will have to pay £ 1,237. The most expensive one-bedroom apartments are in London where the cost go as high as £ 3,500, £650 in Leeds, Glasgow, Liverpool, Cardiff and Newcastle. While they can go up to £ 800 in Manchester, Birmingham, and Edinburgh. While the most expensive ones in Stoke on Trent go as high as £ 520. And in Hanley, they can go as high as £660. Whereas, it can go up to £750 in Derby.   

City Wise Highest Rents  

Almost 50% of your wages will be paid for rent. A 1-bed apartment can cost you £3,500 per month in places like Westminster, whereas if you were in Argyll or Bute that money can cover a whole year’s rent. On the other hand, Londoners earn more than people in other places. The rent for one-bedroom apartments in other places is surprisingly low in comparison. In Southeast, East and Southwest you must pay almost 35% of your wages. In places such as West Midlands, Scotland, Northwest and East Midlands it comes down to 25%. While in the Yorkshire and Humber, Wales and Northeast it comes down to almost 20%. At the same time 71% of London’s one-bed apartments are cheaper if shared instead of rented. The rent is divided into two people. So, it means if you want to have the experience of living in a metropolitan area then it is still possible. Whereas housing organizations recommend spending no more than 30 per cent of your income on renting.  

Short Term Rentals  

If you are a foreigner in the UK and are looking for a temporary place to live in before you relocate, then choose this option. You can get short term rental on Airbnb and any other related app. The rent depends on whether your apartment is furnished or unfurnished. A furnished house costs 20% more than a non-furnished one. The short-term rental period is usually under six months. More than 6 months up to a year is medium-term and anything above one year is considered long term.  

Paying for Utilities and other Expenses 

Once you have found a place to live and have paid its rent. You will also have to pay for the utilities. The landlords will only be responsible to pay for the exterior such as the walls, as well as the sinks, hot water, plumbing and drainage.  


It’s difficult to find a one-bed apartment in the UK if you are finding one in London or another expensive place such as Manchester, Derby and Birmingham. But it can be managed if you have a flatmate to share it with. Likewise, 75 per cent of the property is out of reach for young people seeking 1-bedroom apartments. The cost of utilities and other things is also an added expense. You can, however, go to places such as Leeds, Liverpool, Stoke on Trent, Derby, Hanley and Newcastle to find the cheapest rented apartments.

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