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How to manage your stress living in a shared flat during lockdown

If you are not living alone during the lockdown and have shared accommodation, then you are better off as compared to the ones living alone. Unless your flatmate gets tested positive for coronavirus and then must quarantine. But if you two are safe and healthy then the hazard is still present. You are constantly under the impact of stress during the lockdown. Lockdowns are necessary to stop the spread of the pandemic. But at the same time, they test the patience of a person. The stress of not being able to go out or socialize is a huge burden you must bear. So, here are some ways in which you can manage your stress while living in a lockdown situation.  

  1. Avoid stress triggers 

When things are going on, as usual, you can do whatever you want. But when you have a lockdown situation then you should stay away from stress triggers. These include alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, binge eating and watching TV constantly. Instead of these you should get some exercise, eat healthy food, sleep, and stay optimistic, while keep praying. You should stay in touch with others over the phone, also get some face time on WhatsApp or skype. It is also a fantastic opportunity for you to achieve your long-desired goals and projects. Also, you can try prayer and meditation which will help you improve your mind, body, and soul. 

  1.  Manage time 

It’s natural to lose track of time and place when you are constantly stuck in your apartment. So, you must keep yourself busy and not stay idle. Otherwise, your thoughts can get better you. You cannot ignore your work and responsibilities since you will be staying in your room all day long. You can set some long- and medium-term goals during the lockdown period to keep yourself busy.  

  1. Avoid procrastination   

Do not avoid your chores or anything that needs to be done around the house. This is the best chance to stay busy and spend time productively. You must make sure to categorize the chores and things according to their importance. So that you can do the most important chores first and attend to the others later.  

  1. Organize the house  

You must organize things because not being organized can lead to missing items and that is a big trigger for stress. You must pack all your belongings neatly in drawers and cupboards so that you can locate them whenever needed.  

  1. Manage conflicts  

Being stuck inside the house for a long time can escalate the conflict between the people. A small thing may trigger you to go off at your partner and unload on them for no reason. So, to manage conflict, the best thing to do is just prevent it from happening. Therefore, not allowing the conflict to escalate is the best strategy to remain calm and at peace. 

  1. Keep a sense of humor  

The best way to manage stress at times is to allow your mind to move away from the issue. You can do this by having a sense of humour. You can achieve it by watching some comedy shows so that your unconscious mind can remain fresh, and you are able to figure out the problem in a better way. You can also spend some time on a hobby and be creative. This is a huge way to relax your mind.  

  1. Stay positive  

You can still find some positivity within your life as amidst all the sad things happening in the covid pandemic, families are getting united. They are having more time to spend together. You can leave the apartment once the lockdown is lifted and go stay for a while with your family members.  


The psychological impact of stress is nerve-wracking, and it can lead to some serious issues. You do not want to be affected by stress in the middle of a pandemic. It would be bad for you and equally bad for your flatmate. Follow these steps to avoid stress living in shared accommodation. But other things you can add to the list are reading, journaling, writing, autobiographies or daily diary, learning to play a musical instrument, and painting which are great hobbies to destress yourself. Life can have a lot of problems with unforeseen changes but adapting to the changes is living.  

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