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How Is It Like to Live in a Shared One-Bedroom Flat?

Choosing to live in a new city is not easy. It brings unprecedented changes in your life. You can learn a lot by living in a new city. However, deciding to share your room or apartment with another person is another big decision. It has its pros and cons. If you plan on doing that in your current situation or your future, this article is for you. We shall give you the most common realities of living in a shared one-bedroom apartment. These are realities that everyone shall face when going through the experience of sharing their room. 

The Pros of Sharing  

First off, it is cheaper to live with a flatmate. You both shall contribute equal rent and this will help you save up a lot of money. Then, you will make lifelong friends. Having a friend is a great thing because then you will not be alone. Living all by yourself is a boring arrangement. If you live with more than one person in the flat then you will all become a family. This is even better as you spend more time together. You will learn about each other and share your life experiences. It also results in having a better standard of living, since you will never be short on money as you will save a lot. You will not only share the rent but also share the bills of the gym and restaurant whenever you go out. 

The Cons of Sharing   

There will be some issues here as well. One of them is the mess in your room. If you are a clean freak then you shall not like the dirt and mess. It will be all over the place all the time. There shall also be no privacy when you are sharing a one-bedroom apartment with someone. If you have an impatient nature then you will have to work on it as well. There will be many occasions where you will not like the situation, but you shall have to put up with it anyway.

The Attitude of Living in a Shared Apartment   

You have to be open about the discussion of money. Sometimes we feel awkward talking about it when meeting a new person. But it’s better to be upfront about it than to be silent. Secondly, you must be a reliable person when it comes to money. You should be regular about paying your half of the rent and your share of the bills, both utility and when hanging out. Plus, you must be open-minded as your circle grows you need to accept new people. This would be a life-changing experience. Sharing a room is a fantastic opportunity to socialize and have fun. Do not be anti-social and hang out with people whenever they are around. The idea of fun is different for everybody and it means different things. So, you must do whatever it takes to socialize and mix up with the group. It takes time to know your flatmate or mates, so be considerate towards them. Having inconsiderate flatmates can ruin your life. They can turn this great life experience into a hellish one. You also must be vocal about your thoughts. But know your boundaries and be quiet when the situation demands it. Most importantly, you should be ready to share as your flatmates may rely on you many times.

Things to Consider Before Selecting Flatmates

If you could select who your flatmates will be then you should think about it. For example, if you are a student then you might be better suited to live students. The same goes for young professionals and over 40s people. When it comes to costs, the student flatshare is usually more expensive and could be more than £1000. The young professional share apartment could be around £500. In a flatshare, you will need to pay rent and deposit, council tax, electricity, gas and water, household insurance, telephone, internet, and insurance.  


Shared living is considered a new lifestyle in the UK. But people are seeing that it can have many benefits. Therefore, this lifestyle is becoming popular. It is being considered as a new midlife crisis as people are living in shared flats into their 40s. It is less costly and provides an opportunity to socialize more. Make more friends and have fun. It can be a life-changing experience as it provides a new open perspective of life and demands a new attitude to live by. You will live with your flatmates like a family and learn to bond with them in a one-bedroom apartment. But your old self that likes to live in a tidy manner will have to put up with this way of living. 

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