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Where can I find rooms to rent in Stoke on Trent? Issues and Perspectives

When it comes to renting rooms in Stoke on Trent, we can easily find a lot of advertisements on the internet. However, the matter may be solved by simply finding one that suits you but if you are willing to live for a long time in the city then you might consider understanding this topic in depth. It is a city that surely offers shared accommodation to people migrating to it, and it also offers rooms to rent for the workers. You can even find shared houses in this city. With all these possibilities to rent a place where you should see the matter in its entirety to make a choice that you will not regret in many years to come. People who carefully consider their options make better decisions and stay satisfied for a long time. We will provide you with an understanding of the city and its culture of rental property and equip you with the necessary knowledge.  

Basic Issues in Renting  

At the time when somebody decides to move out and find a place to live on their own or share accommodation with a flatmate, there’s always a sense of excitement and newness to it. But if you are not prepared for the whole process then this can quickly turn into an experiment or adventure gone wrong. First, you need to find a reliable roommate who will share the rent on time otherwise you will be left paying their dues from your pocket. Then you should also find landlords who will be cooperative with you as people being locked out of their homes by bad landlords has wrecked so many lives of people who are relying on rental living. Thirdly, you need to determine the location as it needs to be close to your workplace or university and the commute alone should not exhaust you. The presence of basic public facilities and services is also a crucial factor. You should also work out your expenses that will include your rent, bills, living expenses, tuition fees (if you are a student) and money for leisure activities and time as well.  

Renting is a Big Problem 

If you thought that renting was a simple thing then you need to find out more about it. This was highlighted by an organization named Generation Rent that published a book and invited people where the bad experiences of renting were shared by many. These included bad conditions of living spaces where the tenant had to live without complaints as it risked eviction. There were many complaints by tenants where they had to pay the rent but did not even receive basic facilities of living. Some tenants did not get their deposit back either. It has been such a huge problem that some people called landlords the modern-day feudal. So, therefore you can be faced with a feudalistic attitude of a landlord. By law, the landlords have a lot of rights, and they can evict you with 24 hours’ notice.  

Stoke on Trent Response  

After the problems in renting sector were pointed out by various organizations and individuals who told their stories, something needed to be done. This was crucial in a place like Stoke on Trent where many people are living on rent. Therefore, the Stoke government took the matter into its own hands in order to address the issue which has become a public concern. Now you can lodge a complaint against the landlord if your problems are not being heard. This is a way of facilitating the tenants in the city. Moreover, routine inspections and surveys are being done by the government in privately rented homes. This way the hostels and other shared accommodations are kept hazard-free.  Other matters such as the provision of basic living conditions such as clean drinking water and sanitation are also being looked after by the Stoke government through these surveys. Even inappropriate behaviours are monitored to make sure that the tenant does not face any sort of sexual exploitation either. So, when you are in Stoke on Trent the government is there to help you out and you should reach out to the public authorities for any sort of problems as well.  

Private Sector Initiative  

The public has vented out its problems regarding the issue in renting and the government has come into the process to facilitate the public. But the issue cannot be resolved unless the rental sector itself acts. In order to ensure that the renting private sector has also come up with several initiatives to improve the image of private sector renting. In order to go about it, the Stoke on Trent Council has come into action. It is committed to raising standards of living across the housing sector. It also uses demographical data to ensure that standards of living are being met across the board in all types of rental properties. This practice has led to the culture of supporting consumer regulations in rooms to rent which include conditions such as licensing and enforcement of such regulations.  


Living on rent is an exciting experience but it has a hazard of turning into a painful one if you get landlords that are feudal in nature. But now you can understand the entire system of rental in Stoke on Trent and how it works. Now you can see where you have some social protection given to you by the third sector nonprofit organizations. And how it has prompted the government to help you and give you your rights. Living in rooms to rent, on a shared accommodation basis or a shared house; the Stoke on Trent council will be there to make sure that these places are licensed after a thorough check. If you still do not find the place satisfactory where you are residing, then you can approach any one of these three forums to help you with your issues. But most preferably, once you have found the right living conditions and appropriate location to live in then you can address independently any issue that may arise.  

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