What tenants really want in apartments for rent

It is the wish of every landlord to find out what tenants want in a rental property? We introduce results from different surveys done in UK to find what kind of apartments for rent people really look for. And what can you do to make your rental property better. Finding tenants used to be a simple task in the past, and you could easily get tenants based on the location of your property and its outlook. Having it furnished went a long way towards satisfying the tenants. But now many accessories are required that have become necessities of the modern lifestyle. Every tenant is conscious of those needs and decides to live based on the availability of these accessories.  

Wifi and Netflix  

Having internet access is one of the most important things, since we use the wifi service all the time. Especially, in the days of lockdown and pandemic people had to work from home. Therefore, a reliable and speedy wifi service is a must now. It is necessary for all kinds of customers, whether they are a professional or a student, since the students also have online classes. The internet has never been such an important accessory than now. On the other hand, we also need to have at home entertainment when all the public places are locked down. In those days, people like to relax and watch Netflix at home, alone or with their friends and family. So, it’s also an important feature to have these days. A person who has multiple options might choose to rent your house if you throw in free access to Netflix along with the wifi.  

Outdoor recreational area 

Mostly, it is the big buildings that are sought after by the tenants and hence are considered as much valuable in terms of return. But if a small or medium sized apartment for rent comes with some outdoor space for recreation then it would also boost its price and value. Nowadays, people want to relax and be closer to nature due to the psychological impact of isolation in the lockdown phase. Therefore, it is most desirable to have an outdoor space where the tenants can have some recreational activities as well as spend time to relax. The best option would be if the place is also a green space with a garden or some orchards.  

Office room  

Whether it is work from home or study online; the need for an office space is a must now. You can easily find tenants who will be willing to relocate and find a place like yours if you have the office space along with wifi service. This is the need of the modern times and setting up an office area within your apartment does not necessarily require a lot of room. You can use your imagination and create some space. And you will need some tips on how to do it.   

Ethics, and long-term occupancy  

In terms of ethics, you can always incorporate social responsibility models such as sustainable use of energy, renewable energy in your apartment. This is especially good for the new generation since they are very conscious about it. Then, you can also offer long term tenancy since the customers tend to like places that they can rent for a long time. This is a behavior rooted in the psychology of creating a home like environment where the people can live for a longer term. 

Community and outlook   

It is important nowadays to stay connected with others. People like to have company in the lockdown scenario. Therefore, if you have a place which offers shared space, or a community closely interlinked in the vicinity then it would be a big plus. Then, having attractive outlook in the house is also an important feature which can be done through interior decoration. Good interior design is essential since we spend most of our time within the house due to the pandemic.  

Technologies, affordability and nature  

People like to use technology nowadays such as the fridge meter etc. Then people would also like to use a mobile app to check the value of the apartments for rent instead of going through paperwork. Therefore, you also need to remain updated about technology and any other technical aspect related to rented properties. Moreover, you must be reasonable when it comes to the matter of rent since people are facing issues with work and jobs have become uncertain due to the impact of pandemic on the economy. The presence of greenery is one of the features that we ignore a lot but now it has become a great resource due to the health and wellbeing of the mind in the modern days.  

Location and other features  

Some surveys suggest that people like to have a furnished house as compared to an empty apartment. More than 23% people say that it is important to have a place close to a good school. Having a parking is also ranked high in the list of preferences. A garden or roof terrace are also considered important features in this matter. People also listed access to gym and pool facilities as a favorite. Even though a lot of houses are close to universities and workplaces, but it is still an important feature. If the apartment has cleaning facilities, then it is also ranked high in value.  


If your apartments for rent are having all these features, then you have made a very strong asset for yourself that will always bring you profit and gains. Your place will always be in high demand, and you will not have a big problem attracting tenants. If you do not have a lot of these features then you can at least work towards getting some of the necessary accessories such as wifi service, office space and green space. These additions will add value to the property for sure. The hazard of pandemic and the waves of lockdown have changed the economy and behavior of tenants, so you have to adjust accordingly.   

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