1 bedroom apartment

How to decorate a 1 bedroom apartment?

The most exciting thing about moving into a new place is decorating. From versatile pieces to unique colour combinations, expressing your personality through interior design is what makes your apartment a home. In a small space, such as a 1 bedroom apartment, one has to be more careful about what goes where to avoid cluttering. Below we have shared some awesome tips to decorate your small apartment in the best and most stylish way. Read on to know more!

Use large pieces of art

If you want to fill an expansive wall with a piece of art, opt for a larger piece instead of small pieces as it will leave your space with a cluttered feel. Larger pieces add a graphic focal point to space and also act a single source of colour that helps personalize the room. If you are in the market looking for more unique and trendy furniture instead of pieces of artwork to make your room pop, choose acrylic furniture. These pieces will create an impression of a more spacious area while still being functional.

Invest in multi-functional furniture

When setting up a small space, you have to keep in mind that every inch counts. So, try to make the most of your space by investing in furniture that is multi-functional. Bedrooms are the perfect space to keep multi-purpose furniture. Consider installing a trundle bed that can be converted into a sofa, an ottoman with hidden storage, and a dining table with built in leaf.

Also, when you choose dual-purpose furniture, make sure to pick pieces that fit in your space. If you select overstuffed furniture, it will only make your apartment look smaller.

Consider vertical storage

Save more space with vertical storage unit options like standing cabinets and shelves. Narrow and tall storage options allow you to get the most out of a small space. In the kitchen, you can keep a standing utensil holder to avoid cluttering the drawers. Moreover, you can use hanging organizers in your bedroom closet to clear the rows of boxes and shoes under your bed.

Define separate areas

To create an illusion of a larger space, give each room a unique, distinct décor scheme. Opt for lighter tones, such as eggshell and beige, in the living area with dim lighting for a spacious and relaxed feel. Area rugs, wall curtains, and dividers are great ways to create the impression of separate spaces if a wall isn’t present. 

Declutter your space regularly

This is not a decoration tip, but it helps in making your space look larger. After living in an apartment for a while, it is quite natural for things to get piled up. Set a date for organizing and evaluating your space every 4 to 6 months. Going through your old and new belongings allows you to keep your space clean and clear. It also reveals new opportunities for adding new décor items.

Living in a 1 bedroom apartment does not mean that you have to compromise on style for functionality. You just have to decorate your space smartly and declutter it regularly, and it will look all stylish and spacious like you want.

Add curves

This is more like a décor hack for small spaces. Adding pieces with curved and rounded edges adds some dimension to a square room. Circular throw pillows and a round table take away the boring, monotone look of your room and add excitement to it. Instead of opting for a plain, rectangular frame or mirror, go for a round statement piece. Adding curves will make a huge difference in how your space looks.

Summing it up!

Just because your apartment is less than 600 sq/ft doesn’t mean it has to feel like a boring dorm room. There are many creative ways to utilize the space you have and make it look more open and spacious. Of course, you can’t expand the footprint of your apartment magically, but with the right décor and space planning, you can maximize each square inch of your space and style it like the home of your dreams