How to manage your stress living in a shared flat during lockdown

If you are not living alone during the lockdown and have shared accommodation, then you are better off as compared to the ones living alone. Unless your flatmate gets tested positive for coronavirus and then must quarantine. But if you two are safe and healthy then the hazard is still present. You are constantly under the impact of stress during the lockdown. Lockdowns are necessary to stop the spread of the pandemic. But at the same time, they test the patience of a person. The stress of not being able to go out or socialize is a huge burden you must bear. So, here are some ways in which you can manage your stress while living in a lockdown situation.  

  1. Avoid stress triggers 

When things are going on, as usual, you can do whatever you want. But when you have a lockdown situation then you should stay away from stress triggers. These include alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, binge eating and watching TV constantly. Instead of these you should get some exercise, eat healthy food, sleep, and stay optimistic, while keep praying. You should stay in touch with others over the phone, also get some face time on WhatsApp or skype. It is also a fantastic opportunity for you to achieve your long-desired goals and projects. Also, you can try prayer and meditation which will help you improve your mind, body, and soul. 

  1.  Manage time 

It’s natural to lose track of time and place when you are constantly stuck in your apartment. So, you must keep yourself busy and not stay idle. Otherwise, your thoughts can get better you. You cannot ignore your work and responsibilities since you will be staying in your room all day long. You can set some long- and medium-term goals during the lockdown period to keep yourself busy.  

  1. Avoid procrastination   

Do not avoid your chores or anything that needs to be done around the house. This is the best chance to stay busy and spend time productively. You must make sure to categorize the chores and things according to their importance. So that you can do the most important chores first and attend to the others later.  

  1. Organize the house  

You must organize things because not being organized can lead to missing items and that is a big trigger for stress. You must pack all your belongings neatly in drawers and cupboards so that you can locate them whenever needed.  

  1. Manage conflicts  

Being stuck inside the house for a long time can escalate the conflict between the people. A small thing may trigger you to go off at your partner and unload on them for no reason. So, to manage conflict, the best thing to do is just prevent it from happening. Therefore, not allowing the conflict to escalate is the best strategy to remain calm and at peace. 

  1. Keep a sense of humor  

The best way to manage stress at times is to allow your mind to move away from the issue. You can do this by having a sense of humour. You can achieve it by watching some comedy shows so that your unconscious mind can remain fresh, and you are able to figure out the problem in a better way. You can also spend some time on a hobby and be creative. This is a huge way to relax your mind.  

  1. Stay positive  

You can still find some positivity within your life as amidst all the sad things happening in the covid pandemic, families are getting united. They are having more time to spend together. You can leave the apartment once the lockdown is lifted and go stay for a while with your family members.  


The psychological impact of stress is nerve-wracking, and it can lead to some serious issues. You do not want to be affected by stress in the middle of a pandemic. It would be bad for you and equally bad for your flatmate. Follow these steps to avoid stress living in shared accommodation. But other things you can add to the list are reading, journaling, writing, autobiographies or daily diary, learning to play a musical instrument, and painting which are great hobbies to destress yourself. Life can have a lot of problems with unforeseen changes but adapting to the changes is living.  


Is it easy to find a one-bedroom apartment for rent in the UK?

Finding a one-bedroom apartment in the UK is not a simple task. There are so many issues associated with renting in this country. It has become such a huge issue that there is an entire debate going on about this problem. Just like any other metropolitan, London is the most expensive district in the UK. For people who are sharing with a flatmate it may be a different matter. However, finding a one-bedroom apartment for rent is an entirely different thing. But for the most part, it depends on which part of the country you live in. London is the most expensive place to live as compared to other places. The other places to follow are Manchester, Edinburgh, and Birmingham. While the cheapest one-bedroom apartments are available in Leeds, Liverpool, Stoke on Trent and Newcastle.  

Varying costs  

In the UK the prices vary so much depending on the city you reside in. For example, £ 767 can get you a 4-bed property in Birmingham, a 3-bed property in Leeds and 2-bed property in Liverpool. The same amount of £ 767 can get you a one-bed flat in Bristol and a room in Brixton. Therefore, when you are spending your money on renting it mainly comes down to the rates. The rates are determined by the landlords, and they have been given the right to do so. Mostly young people rent one-bedroom apartments. The data shows that they cannot afford to do it in nearly 75% of the districts. The cheapest one bedroom apartments to rent in London will cost around £800, £400 in Leeds, £500 in Manchester and Birmingham, and Cardiff. £450 in Glasgow, Liverpool, Newcastle, £ 300 in Stoke on Trent, 365 in Derby, 395 in Hanley and £650 in Edinburgh.  

One-bedroom apartments are expensive  

Sharing reduces costs and if you want to have a room all for yourself you will have to pay more. In the UK the trend seems to be like that. If you have two flatmates, then you can get a saving of £ 250 but if you want to rent a one bedroom apartment in the capital city then you will have to pay £ 1,237. The most expensive one-bedroom apartments are in London where the cost go as high as £ 3,500, £650 in Leeds, Glasgow, Liverpool, Cardiff and Newcastle. While they can go up to £ 800 in Manchester, Birmingham, and Edinburgh. While the most expensive ones in Stoke on Trent go as high as £ 520. And in Hanley, they can go as high as £660. Whereas, it can go up to £750 in Derby.   

City wise highest rents  

Almost 50% of your wages will be paid for rent. A 1-bed apartment can cost you £3,500 per month in places like Westminster, whereas if you were in Argyll or Bute that money can cover a whole year’s rent. On the other hand, Londoners earn more than people in other places. The rent for one-bedroom apartments in other places is surprisingly low in comparison. In Southeast, East and Southwest you must pay almost 35% of your wages. In places such as West Midlands, Scotland, Northwest and East Midlands it comes down to 25%. While in the Yorkshire and Humber, Wales and Northeast it comes down to almost 20%. At the same time 71% of London’s one-bed apartments are cheaper if shared instead of rented. The rent is divided into two people. So, it means if you want to have the experience of living in a metropolitan area then it is still possible. Whereas housing organizations recommend spending no more than 30 per cent of your income on renting.  

Short term rentals  

If you are a foreigner in the UK and are looking for a temporary place to live in before you relocate, then choose this option. You can get short term rental on Airbnb and any other related app. The rent depends on whether your apartment is furnished or unfurnished. A furnished house costs 20% more than a non-furnished one. The short-term rental period is usually under six months. More than 6 months up to a year is medium-term and anything above one year is considered long term.  

Paying for utilities and other expenses 

Once you have found a place to live and have paid its rent. You will also have to pay for the utilities. The landlords will only be responsible to pay for the exterior such as the walls, as well as the sinks, hot water, plumbing and drainage.  


It’s difficult to find a one-bed apartment in the UK if you are finding one in London or another expensive place such as Manchester, Derby and Birmingham. But it can be managed if you have a flatmate to share it with. Likewise, 75 per cent of the property is out of reach for young people seeking 1-bedroom apartments. The cost of utilities and other things is also an added expense. You can, however, go to places such as Leeds, Liverpool, Stoke on Trent, Derby, Hanley and Newcastle to find the cheapest rented apartments.


How is it like to live in a shared one-bedroom flat?

Choosing to live in a new city is not easy. It brings unprecedented changes in your life. You can learn a lot by living in a new city. However, deciding to share your room or apartment with another person is another big decision. It has its pros and cons. If you plan on doing that in your current situation or your future, this article is for you. We shall give you the most common realities of living in a shared one-bedroom apartment. These are realities that everyone shall face when going through the experience of sharing their room.   

The pros of sharing  

First off, it is cheaper to live with a flatmate. You both shall contribute equal rent and this will help you save up a lot of money. Then, you will make lifelong friends. Having a friend is a great thing because then you will not be alone. Living all by yourself is a boring arrangement. If you live with more than one person in the flat then you will all become a family. This is even better as you spend more time together. You will learn about each other and share your life experiences. It also results in having a better standard of living, since you will never be short on money as you will save a lot. You will not only share the rent but also share the bills of the gym and restaurant whenever you go out. 

The cons of sharing   

There will be some issues here as well. One of them is the mess in your room. If you are a clean freak then you shall not like the dirt and mess. It will be all over the place all the time. There shall also be no privacy when you are sharing a one-bedroom apartment with someone. If you have an impatient nature then you will have to work on it as well. There will be many occasions where you will not like the situation, but you shall have to put up with it anyway.  

The attitude of living in a shared apartment   

You have to be open about the discussion of money. Sometimes we feel awkward talking about it when meeting a new person. But it’s better to be upfront about it than to be silent. Secondly, you must be a reliable person when it comes to money. You should be regular about paying your half of the rent and your share of the bills, both utility and when hanging out. Plus, you must be open-minded as your circle grows you need to accept new people. This would be a life-changing experience. Sharing a room is a fantastic opportunity to socialize and have fun. Do not be anti-social and hang out with people whenever they are around. The idea of fun is different for everybody and it means different things. So, you must do whatever it takes to socialize and mix up with the group. It takes time to know your flatmate or mates, so be considerate towards them. Having inconsiderate flatmates can ruin your life. They can turn this great life experience into a hellish one. You also must be vocal about your thoughts. But know your boundaries and be quiet when the situation demands it. Most importantly, you should be ready to share as your flatmates may rely on you many times.  

Things to consider before selecting flatmates  

If you could select who your flatmates will be then you should think about it. For example, if you are a student then you might be better suited to live students. The same goes for young professionals and over 40s people. When it comes to costs, the student flatshare is usually more expensive and could be more than £1000. The young professional share apartment could be around £500. In a flatshare, you will need to pay rent and deposit, council tax, electricity, gas and water, household insurance, telephone, internet, and insurance.  


Shared living is considered a new lifestyle in the UK. But people are seeing that it can have many benefits. Therefore, this lifestyle is becoming popular. It is being considered as a new midlife crisis as people are living in shared flats into their 40s. It is less costly and provides an opportunity to socialize more. Make more friends and have fun. It can be a life-changing experience as it provides a new open perspective of life and demands a new attitude to live by. You will live with your flatmates like a family and learn to bond with them in a one-bedroom apartment. But your old self that likes to live in a tidy manner will have to put up with this way of living. 


Where can I find rooms to rent in Stoke on Trent? Issues and Perspectives

When it comes to renting rooms in Stoke on Trent, we can easily find a lot of advertisements on the internet. However, the matter may be solved by simply finding one that suits you but if you are willing to live for a long time in the city then you might consider understanding this topic in depth. It is a city that surely offers shared accommodation to people migrating to it, and it also offers rooms to rent for the workers. You can even find shared houses in this city. With all these possibilities to rent a place where you should see the matter in its entirety to make a choice that you will not regret in many years to come. People who carefully consider their options make better decisions and stay satisfied for a long time. We will provide you with an understanding of the city and its culture of rental property and equip you with the necessary knowledge.  

Basic issues in renting  

At the time when somebody decides to move out and find a place to live on their own or share accommodation with a flatmate, there’s always a sense of excitement and newness to it. But if you are not prepared for the whole process then this can quickly turn into an experiment or adventure gone wrong. First, you need to find a reliable roommate who will share the rent on time otherwise you will be left paying their dues from your pocket. Then you should also find landlords who will be cooperative with you as people being locked out of their homes by bad landlords has wrecked so many lives of people who are relying on rental living. Thirdly, you need to determine the location as it needs to be close to your workplace or university and the commute alone should not exhaust you. The presence of basic public facilities and services is also a crucial factor. You should also work out your expenses that will include your rent, bills, living expenses, tuition fees (if you are a student) and money for leisure activities and time as well.  

Renting is a big problem 

If you thought that renting was a simple thing then you need to find out more about it. This was highlighted by an organization named Generation Rent that published a book and invited people where the bad experiences of renting were shared by many. These included bad conditions of living spaces where the tenant had to live without complaints as it risked eviction. There were many complaints by tenants where they had to pay the rent but did not even receive basic facilities of living. Some tenants did not get their deposit back either. It has been such a huge problem that some people called landlords the modern-day feudal. So, therefore you can be faced with a feudalistic attitude of a landlord. By law, the landlords have a lot of rights, and they can evict you with 24 hours’ notice.  

Stoke on Trent Response  

After the problems in renting sector were pointed out by various organizations and individuals who told their stories, something needed to be done. This was crucial in a place like Stoke on Trent where many people are living on rent. Therefore, the Stoke government took the matter into its own hands in order to address the issue which has become a public concern. Now you can lodge a complaint against the landlord if your problems are not being heard. This is a way of facilitating the tenants in the city. Moreover, routine inspections and surveys are being done by the government in privately rented homes. This way the hostels and other shared accommodations are kept hazard-free.  Other matters such as the provision of basic living conditions such as clean drinking water and sanitation are also being looked after by the Stoke government through these surveys. Even inappropriate behaviours are monitored to make sure that the tenant does not face any sort of sexual exploitation either. So, when you are in Stoke on Trent the government is there to help you out and you should reach out to the public authorities for any sort of problems as well.  

Private sector initiative  

The public has vented out its problems regarding the issue in renting and the government has come into the process to facilitate the public. But the issue cannot be resolved unless the rental sector itself acts. In order to ensure that the renting private sector has also come up with several initiatives to improve the image of private sector renting. In order to go about it, the Stoke on Trent Council has come into action. It is committed to raising standards of living across the housing sector. It also uses demographical data to ensure that standards of living are being met across the board in all types of rental properties. This practice has led to the culture of supporting consumer regulations in rooms to rent which include conditions such as licensing and enforcement of such regulations.  


Living on rent is an exciting experience but it has a hazard of turning into a painful one if you get landlords that are feudal in nature. But now you can understand the entire system of rental in Stoke on Trent and how it works. Now you can see where you have some social protection given to you by the third sector nonprofit organizations. And how it has prompted the government to help you and give you your rights. Living in rooms to rent, on a shared accommodation basis or a shared house; the Stoke on Trent council will be there to make sure that these places are licensed after a thorough check. If you still do not find the place satisfactory where you are residing, then you can approach any one of these three forums to help you with your issues. But most preferably, once you have found the right living conditions and appropriate location to live in then you can address independently any issue that may arise.  


What tenants really want in apartments for rent

It is the wish of every landlord to find out what tenants want in a rental property? We introduce results from different surveys done in UK to find what kind of apartments for rent people really look for. And what can you do to make your rental property better. Finding tenants used to be a simple task in the past, and you could easily get tenants based on the location of your property and its outlook. Having it furnished went a long way towards satisfying the tenants. But now many accessories are required that have become necessities of the modern lifestyle. Every tenant is conscious of those needs and decides to live based on the availability of these accessories.  

Wifi and Netflix  

Having internet access is one of the most important things, since we use the wifi service all the time. Especially, in the days of lockdown and pandemic people had to work from home. Therefore, a reliable and speedy wifi service is a must now. It is necessary for all kinds of customers, whether they are a professional or a student, since the students also have online classes. The internet has never been such an important accessory than now. On the other hand, we also need to have at home entertainment when all the public places are locked down. In those days, people like to relax and watch Netflix at home, alone or with their friends and family. So, it’s also an important feature to have these days. A person who has multiple options might choose to rent your house if you throw in free access to Netflix along with the wifi.  

Outdoor recreational area 

Mostly, it is the big buildings that are sought after by the tenants and hence are considered as much valuable in terms of return. But if a small or medium sized apartment for rent comes with some outdoor space for recreation then it would also boost its price and value. Nowadays, people want to relax and be closer to nature due to the psychological impact of isolation in the lockdown phase. Therefore, it is most desirable to have an outdoor space where the tenants can have some recreational activities as well as spend time to relax. The best option would be if the place is also a green space with a garden or some orchards.  

Office room  

Whether it is work from home or study online; the need for an office space is a must now. You can easily find tenants who will be willing to relocate and find a place like yours if you have the office space along with wifi service. This is the need of the modern times and setting up an office area within your apartment does not necessarily require a lot of room. You can use your imagination and create some space. And you will need some tips on how to do it.   

Ethics, and long-term occupancy  

In terms of ethics, you can always incorporate social responsibility models such as sustainable use of energy, renewable energy in your apartment. This is especially good for the new generation since they are very conscious about it. Then, you can also offer long term tenancy since the customers tend to like places that they can rent for a long time. This is a behavior rooted in the psychology of creating a home like environment where the people can live for a longer term. 

Community and outlook   

It is important nowadays to stay connected with others. People like to have company in the lockdown scenario. Therefore, if you have a place which offers shared space, or a community closely interlinked in the vicinity then it would be a big plus. Then, having attractive outlook in the house is also an important feature which can be done through interior decoration. Good interior design is essential since we spend most of our time within the house due to the pandemic.  

Technologies, affordability and nature  

People like to use technology nowadays such as the fridge meter etc. Then people would also like to use a mobile app to check the value of the apartments for rent instead of going through paperwork. Therefore, you also need to remain updated about technology and any other technical aspect related to rented properties. Moreover, you must be reasonable when it comes to the matter of rent since people are facing issues with work and jobs have become uncertain due to the impact of pandemic on the economy. The presence of greenery is one of the features that we ignore a lot but now it has become a great resource due to the health and wellbeing of the mind in the modern days.  

Location and other features  

Some surveys suggest that people like to have a furnished house as compared to an empty apartment. More than 23% people say that it is important to have a place close to a good school. Having a parking is also ranked high in the list of preferences. A garden or roof terrace are also considered important features in this matter. People also listed access to gym and pool facilities as a favorite. Even though a lot of houses are close to universities and workplaces, but it is still an important feature. If the apartment has cleaning facilities, then it is also ranked high in value.  


If your apartments for rent are having all these features, then you have made a very strong asset for yourself that will always bring you profit and gains. Your place will always be in high demand, and you will not have a big problem attracting tenants. If you do not have a lot of these features then you can at least work towards getting some of the necessary accessories such as wifi service, office space and green space. These additions will add value to the property for sure. The hazard of pandemic and the waves of lockdown have changed the economy and behavior of tenants, so you have to adjust accordingly.   


Cheapest way to live alone in a rented apartment

According to a population survey there are 8.2 million single people living in UK. Another survey on economics says that single people spend more money, almost an average of 92% of their disposable income as compared to couples that spend almost 83% of their disposable income. In order to save money nowadays one of the best ways is to avail the single person’s council tax discount which can help you in saving you up to £ 6.13 every week. You may also apply for one person household benefits through which you can save up to £ 95.77 each week. This is all the money you get paid for being alone. But you also need to figure out how much does it cost to live on your own, in order to determine the cheapest way how to live on your own. There will be a lot of content on this matter such as meal planning for one, etc. But here we are trying to establish the cheapest way by which you can afford to live while living in a rented accommodation, since the house rent takes a bigger chunk of your income.  

  1. Saving Money  

It will be difficult, in fact an almost impossible task to save any money from your disposable income. Once you are done with your house rent and utility bills you will barely have enough to spent on your daily expenses such as traveling, grocery, and leisure activities. Therefore, it is wise to save money on the things you buy. If you are living single and do not have a fortune to spend then you should save money on your outfit, a second-hand outfit can save you £ 26 every week. Installing a water meter is also going to contribute towards this cause as it can help you save almost £ 2 each week. You can also save up to £ 6 on electric and gas supplies, if you change your energy suppliers. You can also do without a new iPhone by keeping instead your old phone. This way, you can save an aggregate of £ 8,500 in a year.  

  1.  Shared accommodation  

While you are living alone it is easy to save a lot of money on shared accommodation. However, you need to be a little bit more flexible regarding the standards of living. You have to control your temptation of having an attached bathroom. Which can save you almost £ 20 by having a shared bathroom. Also you can share meals and cooking if all your room mates are willing to contribute. Your budgeting can also become a very easy task if you sign up for shared accommodation in a place where your bills are added in the cost of rent. At times even your insurance is also covered in the accommodation rent, but this needs to be confirmed with the landlord. There’s absolutely no use of things like expensive video game consoles and Netflix if you are going to be in university or going to social occasions with your new flat mates. But if it is that important to you then you can have shared Netflix accounts. Sometimes, the furnished apartments also come with a number of house items which you do not have to shop for if they are already available in the accommodation.  

  1. Bulk purchasing  

Buying in bulk is the main thing that can cut costs for a major portion of your expenses. This is how you will be able to split the bills for everything you buy. It includes the daily grocery and even down to the toilet roll. Buying food in bulk is the cheapest way of food purchase as well as cooking in bulk, since cooking for the whole house is eventually going to cut costs and save money. You can do this a few times a week and it only costs up to £ 5 to feed six people. Moreover, if you cook at home, it is much cheaper as compared to ordering fast food. Another way of cutting down on your grocery expenses is to get loyalty cards which can gradually decrease your expenses. Also, it would be very wise to start buying local brands which are cheaper as compared to expensive brands. It is best to switch to packed lunches instead of paying £ 6 on your meal. It is going to make a huge difference in your budget.  

  1. Managing your bills  

Nowadays several people are using the options such as students’ package etc which groups together all your utility bills such as electricity, gas, and internet. This is how you can avail all these services and still be able to save some of your cash. Many places offer you free Amazon prime or any other facility such as free internet, which is available at Cromwell Court. You can manage your travelling expenses if you carpool or go to university on a bus. You can save a lot through conserving energy, water and using the air conditioning moderately. There’s another very simple way to save money and that is to go home on summer vacations so that you don’t have to pay rent for summertime.  


Living as a single person whether you work or are away from home as a student can be an exciting time for you and you can save a lot of money instead of spending way too much. These tips are going to help you a lot in managing your finances and making most out of your time and money. Plus, the money you saved can be used some where more important, it can even help you find financial stability in your life if you live like this for a long period of time. At Cromwell Court we offer shared accommodation which can be helpful to you as we have a lot of the above-mentioned facilities that will contribute towards your savings while you are in the city as a student or a worker.  


Why are student flats increasing in Stoke on Trent day by day?


Stoke-on-Trent is a popular student destination with a lot of things to see and offers easily available student accommodations. It is an industrial city situated between Manchester and Birmingham and offers many flats for rent in stoke on Trent. This city is made up of six towns, so you might hear it called ‘The city of six towns’ or just ‘Stoke’ by locals. It offers excellent education options and ideal student life as one of the biggest and busiest areas in Staffordshire country.   

Making it a creative and art-lovers dream, Stoke is renowned for pottery and ceramics and has a global reputation as the center of ceramics production in the UK. There is plenty to keep you entertained, day or night, if that is not really your thing.  

There are tons to do in your free time, from epic local retail stores and independent eateries to pubs. Stoke’s excellent transport options and amenities have you covered whether socializing with friends or exploring the beautiful outdoors.  

The city offers all the vibrance of a busy hub with a welcoming and community-driven atmosphere within the student scene and is a home to Staffordshire University and Stoke-on-Trent College. Student accommodation in Stoke-on-Trent offers everything you need to settle in, if you are looking for the ultimate home away from home. Our student apartments have everything you need to get set up if you are looking for a place close to campus or the center of the city. 

Importance of location of Stoke-on-Trent 

Located in the West Midlands, Stoke-on-Trent is the home of Staffordshire University and around 15,000 students. The main campus is based in Stoke-on-Trent, with further sites in nearby Stafford and Shrewsbury. 

Staffordshire University has invested over £75m in recent years on developing new state of the art facilities, new buildings, and new learning spaces. In addition, this investment has seen the development of student accommodation in Stoke-on-Trent, both on and off campus. 

The university has been recognized in recent years for the quality of its teaching and the satisfaction of students. 

The University was the highest UK climber in the Complete University Guide 2019 and was in the Top 10 for Student Satisfaction in the Complete University Guide 2020. 

Stoke on Trent is easily accessible from major cities in the UK, with London only 90 minutes away by train, and Liverpool, Manchester, and Birmingham all less than one hour away. 

Student Apartments and Housing in Stoke-on-Trent 

The city’s popularity as a study destination means student accommodation in Stoke-on-Trent is in high demand. Fortunately, there are plenty of places to call home. 

Our student accommodation, Cromwell Court, is close to all the amenities you need, from supermarkets and fitness centers to the city’s best hang out spots. Fitted with all the essentials for your stay. Choose from our studios and pay no extra if you want to book a studio in advance. 

We’re COVID secure and kitted out, with fast Wi-Fi and social spaces including an on-site gym, cinema room, and games area so you can make the most of your time studying in Stoke! 

Use your student accommodation in Stoke-on-Trent as a base to explore the city and surrounds and live your best student life with Fresh. 

Stoke-on-Trent Education Statistics 

These statistics are for the highest level education obtained by the residents of Stoke-on-Trent and are from the UK Census of 2011. 

No Qualifications 33.8% 22.5% 
Level 1 14.4% 13.3% 
Level 2 15.9% 15.2% 
Apprenticeship 3.5% 3.6% 
Level 3 11.9% 12.4% 
Level 4 15.5% 27.4% 
Other 5% 5.7% 

Education Statistics: 

The increase in student’s inflow have caused the pressure to increase the flats and accommodation. While searching for student accommodation, you should look for all these features. Moreover, you can find an affordable accommodation that is Cromwell Court in Stoke-on-Trent. It is well equipped with all the amenities at affordable price. 

1 bedroom apartment

How to decorate a 1 bedroom apartment?

The most exciting thing about moving into a new place is decorating. From versatile pieces to unique colour combinations, expressing your personality through interior design is what makes your apartment a home. In a small space, such as a 1 bedroom apartment, one has to be more careful about what goes where to avoid cluttering. Below we have shared some awesome tips to decorate your small apartment in the best and most stylish way. Read on to know more!

Use large pieces of art

If you want to fill an expansive wall with a piece of art, opt for a larger piece instead of small pieces as it will leave your space with a cluttered feel. Larger pieces add a graphic focal point to space and also act a single source of colour that helps personalize the room. If you are in the market looking for more unique and trendy furniture instead of pieces of artwork to make your room pop, choose acrylic furniture. These pieces will create an impression of a more spacious area while still being functional.

Invest in multi-functional furniture

When setting up a small space, you have to keep in mind that every inch counts. So, try to make the most of your space by investing in furniture that is multi-functional. Bedrooms are the perfect space to keep multi-purpose furniture. Consider installing a trundle bed that can be converted into a sofa, an ottoman with hidden storage, and a dining table with built in leaf.

Also, when you choose dual-purpose furniture, make sure to pick pieces that fit in your space. If you select overstuffed furniture, it will only make your apartment look smaller.

Consider vertical storage

Save more space with vertical storage unit options like standing cabinets and shelves. Narrow and tall storage options allow you to get the most out of a small space. In the kitchen, you can keep a standing utensil holder to avoid cluttering the drawers. Moreover, you can use hanging organizers in your bedroom closet to clear the rows of boxes and shoes under your bed.

Define separate areas

To create an illusion of a larger space, give each room a unique, distinct décor scheme. Opt for lighter tones, such as eggshell and beige, in the living area with dim lighting for a spacious and relaxed feel. Area rugs, wall curtains, and dividers are great ways to create the impression of separate spaces if a wall isn’t present. 

Declutter your space regularly

This is not a decoration tip, but it helps in making your space look larger. After living in an apartment for a while, it is quite natural for things to get piled up. Set a date for organizing and evaluating your space every 4 to 6 months. Going through your old and new belongings allows you to keep your space clean and clear. It also reveals new opportunities for adding new décor items.

Living in a 1 bedroom apartment does not mean that you have to compromise on style for functionality. You just have to decorate your space smartly and declutter it regularly, and it will look all stylish and spacious like you want.

Add curves

This is more like a décor hack for small spaces. Adding pieces with curved and rounded edges adds some dimension to a square room. Circular throw pillows and a round table take away the boring, monotone look of your room and add excitement to it. Instead of opting for a plain, rectangular frame or mirror, go for a round statement piece. Adding curves will make a huge difference in how your space looks.

Summing it up!

Just because your apartment is less than 600 sq/ft doesn’t mean it has to feel like a boring dorm room. There are many creative ways to utilize the space you have and make it look more open and spacious. Of course, you can’t expand the footprint of your apartment magically, but with the right décor and space planning, you can maximize each square inch of your space and style it like the home of your dreams